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Wednesday , December 15 , 2004

WELCOME: I’ve been meaning to update the page so people don’t see the end of the comic when they first open the page. Well, on December 15, Tony, the real-life counterpart to Matrix passed on. He was exactly 14 years and a month old. I bring this up only because I know he was a favorite character of those who enjoyed this comic.

If you’ve been here before you know that this comic/story has ended. But I’ll leave up the archives as long as Keenspace allows for those who would like to peruse through the pages.

The beginning of the end, as I call it, starts here. With the end (originally in 2003) of The Anarchist so came the end of an old life for me, one that had been on the rocks for a while. Like everyone, I can't take back the mistakes I made. Nor would I want to. With each mistake came a valuable lesson, and although perhaps the ending is never as happy or perfect as one contrived, there's always hope that one day time will forgive our past failures. Perhaps the most difficult lessons one can learn is that of humility and forgiveness.


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